10 Types of Guys You Meet on Tinder in Austin

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Using Tinder has become so common these days that it is uncommon to find singles who are not using Tinder to meet new people for casual hook-ups. Yes, Tinder is one of top dating apps but the youth culture has wildly turned it into among top hookup apps too. There are so many types of people you meet on Tinder but Austin is famous for these ten types. We have compiled a list of ten types of people you meet on Tinder in Austin:

10 Types of Guys You Meet on Tinder in Austin

10. The Nerd.

The Nerd

Austin has a lot of nerds and geeks who are super uncomfortable when talking to girls in person but become an entirely different person when on Tinder. These are people who put pictures of them holding trophies or memorabilia from comic cons or science fests. They will probably try to crack some lame pun which will make you laugh at their efforts. These nerds and geeks find it easier to meet people online than encounter them face to face.

9. The Perennial Swiper.

The Perennial Swiper.

These people swipe right for every picture they come across and send messages to anybody and everybody that seems interested in them. The swiper follows up for every message and sends messages like Hi, Hello, Interested, Hola, and more to irritate other members. They also send unrelated messages or inappropriate messages to anyone who does not respond well to their Hi and Hellos.

8. The Kinky Wierdo.

The Kinky Wierdo

This guy will send you a dick pic and will ask if you have read some raunchy novels the first thing when you show interest. He will most likely be interested in nothing more than some kinky casual sex and will put you off in just a few minutes of chatting. It is better to stay away from such guys and pretend like they don’t exist unless you are also interested in the same thing. This type of people can be found in Austin easily and you must have already met a few of these in person as well.

7. The “Will You Marry Me” Guy.

tinder marry me guy

Guys who are registered on Tinder to find somebody to marry are in such a wrong place. Tinder is a dating website known for its casualness and these guys ruin the thing for everybody by proposing marriage straightaway to anybody who would care. People are on this platform for something else and this is the last thing they want when they are hanging out on Tinder. Avoiding this type of people is great unless you feel bad for them and want to meet them once.

6. The Heartbroken Crier.

The Heartbroken Crier

This guy has been dumped recently and wants a shoulder to cry on. Tinder might not be a suitable place to do this but he still feels that he will find somebody to pour out his feelings to. It is impossible to not feel sorry but egging him on will only make him more clingy. You want a random person to hang out with and not a man child to take care of.

5. The Mid-Life Crisis Guy.

The Mid-Life Crisis Guy

This guy is going through a midlife crisis and wants you to make him feel good about his not so great career and an even worse personal life. These guys are not sure about anything and can go from one to zero in just a few minutes of chatting. This type of guy is common is Austin since there are many singles from Austin above the age of 35 on Tinder. You will most likely come across this person at night when you are looking for someone young and exciting.

4. The Preacher.

The Preacher

You must have come across this person while trying to have some fun on Tinder. This person gives unnecessary advices and tries to be a preacher by explaining people about the deeper meaning of life and love. They also try to be the good person by telling you that casual sex is not ok and you should look for a more meaningful relationship. Nobody who is on Tinder needs to hear these sermons but these guys keep on turning up out of nowhere to turn the whole thing around.

3. The Wannabe Musician.

The Wannabe Musician

This is one type which is on Tinder for a whole different purpose. They want nothing from you but to listen to their newly created tunes and pretend to like them. As soon as you show an interest in their profile, they will keep asking you to listen to their music and tell them how it was. Austin has so many budding and wannabe musicians and most of them end up on Tinder to find someone who will listen to their tunes.

2. The Corporate Honcho.

The Corporate Honcho

This guy would be on a business trip half the time and will only interact with you when he is in town to get some action. He will seldom be seen on Tinder but will be a great date for anybody who is looking for somebody rich and powerful. They will have a certain air about them and will pretend to be really busy. They will be on phone all the time and will be pleased if you treat them like a boss. This guy finds it easier to throw money in someone’s face rather than treating them nicely as they like to show off their money and power.

1. The Semi-Nice Guy.

tinder semi nice guy

There are nice guys and then there are semi-nice guys. These guys seem nice but they display some qualities which might put you off despite their nice personality. There are many guys in Austin which fall in this category since they are nice in general but are not the guy you expected to find on Tinder. People come on Tinder to find someone who will just blow them off their feet and this guy does not exactly do that. He lacks in some area or the other and you are left wondering if you should give them a chance or leave it at that. They can make the whole experience a lot more confusing than it actually is.

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