7 Fun Things to do in Austin This Weekend!

I visited Austin, Texas a few months ago and realized that this city offers so much more than just the regular tourist attractions. The city is known for its culture and music along with its nightlife. It is known as the music capital of the world and music lovers like me would surely enjoy their stay. I made it a point to visit and get engaged in some fun activities that Austin has to offer and here are some of my favorite fun things to do in Austin:

Top 7 Fun Things to do in Austin This Weekend

7. Visit Wimberley Glassworks

Visit Wimberley Glassworks

See how customized blown glass lights are made at the Wimberley Glassworks studio in San Marcos which is at a short distance from Austin. They offer free glassblowing demonstrations and also offer private demonstrations on request. It is mesmerizing to see how these lights are made in reality and how the craftsmen handle the glass. You can also buy a customized piece of art for your home as I did and that light piece has become a conversation starter anytime someone visits our home.

6. Head for a karaoke session at Highball

karaoke session at Highball

Part of the Alamo Drafthouse, Highball is a really fun karaoke bar which hosts theme nights for each week of the day. We went there on Wednesday and the theme was Guilty Pleasures. They also have themed rooms you can choose from depending on the number of people you are coming with and your budget. It is one of the best karaoke bars of Austin and the service is absolutely great.

5. Take a bat-viewing tour at the Congress Avenue Bridge

Congress Avenue Bridge

Did you know that Austin has more bats than it has people? These 1.5 million bats sleep under a bridge known as the Congress Avenue Bridge and going there at sunset will give you the most spectacular view of these bats taking flight. You can also enjoy the Austin city lights from this bridge and take a motorboat if you want to see it more closely. The city also hosts a “Bat Fest” in August every year where you can enjoy a live band’s performance while watching the bats.

4. Go for a “Gold Rush” experience at The Escape Game Austin

Escape Game Austin

Challenge yourself with an “Escape Room” experience at The Escape Game Austin. Go for the Gold Rush option which gives you a great adrenaline rush and is so well-designed that you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. I went with 7 other people and the more people you have you, the more fun you have at this escape room. The clues are designed to challenge you and escaping from the room gives you a sense of accomplishment.

3. Check out the “Haunted Tour” offered by Haunted ATX

Haunted ATX

Do not miss the city’s only mobile haunted tour offered by Haunted ATX in which you travel in an authentic spooky hearse converted into a limousine. The tour takes you to all the places and landmarks in Austin which are believed to be haunted. These landmarks have reported paranormal activities and include many scary walks through unexplored taverns and cemeteries. You can also take a private VIP tour with family for a fun and spooky adventure across the city.

2. Zipline Over Lake Travis

Zipline Over Lake Travis

One of the longest ziplines in Texas, Lake Travis zipline offers a breathtaking view of the lake and the beautiful scenery around the lake from 22 stories above the water. This is a thrilling experience and is a must-do when you visit Austin. You can later cool off in the lake or have a picnic besides it as you get a day-long pass for the activity. It is a strenuous exercise and you need to set aside 2-2.5 hours for it to experience it in the best possible way.

1. Hike Mount Bonnel

If you are fond of hiking, head to Mount Bonnel which is one of the best hiking trails in Austin. It is also known as Covert Park and offers a beautiful view of the city from the top. You can sit and enjoy the tranquil scenery and enjoy the sunset with your friends while enjoying locally-made beer and snacks. Make sure that you protect yourself from the bugs and mosquitoes on the top by carrying a repellent spray.

Hike Mount Bonnel

So these are the 7 fun things that I did in Austin when I went there for a vacation and had a blast doing them with my friends. Austin a really fun place to visit and offers a host of adventures to take part in. The food culture of the city also boasts of immensely popular restaurants and bars to hop in and out of. The nightlife and music scene of the city is absolutely enthralling and you will never find yourself out of place in this capital city! Have you visited Austin? Did any fun things you want to share?

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