5 Places to Hangout With Girlfriend in Austin

Austin can be an overwhelming city for people who want to cover all the attractions during their visit. Some couples do tend to avoid the typical tourist attractions and want to do something romantic together. I went there with my girlfriend and ditched the usual tourist attractions to get some unique and romantic experiences offered by the city. Since the city has so many things to choose from, we have narrowed these down to the 5 best places to hangout with your girlfriend in Austin so that you do not miss out on these wonderful experiences together.

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Top Five Places to Hangout With Your Date/Gilrfriend in Ausin

5. Take A Swan Pedal Boat Tour Together

Take A Swan Pedal Boat Tour Together

Enjoy a romantic boat ride together in a beautiful swan pedal boat and make a picnic out of it by taking some food and drinks to enjoy the ride. These are hourly rides and are a great way to enjoy the beautiful lakes of Austin with your girlfriend. We had a great time together pedaling through the calm and serene waters. Water is always romantic and this cute date will be remembered for a long time. You can even go for canoe or kayaks on really affordable rates if you and your girlfriend prefer some adventure. Some private tours are also available for the whole day if you prefer longer rides.

4. Taste Fine Wine At A Winery

Taste Fine Wine At A Winery

Austin is known for its great food and drinks scene and has some amazing wineries and breweries you can visit. Go to the Infinity Monkey theorem which is an urban winery for modern couples. My girlfriend loves her wine and she enjoyed this winery a lot. It also has some great food options and also hosts a lot of social events. You can also go to Midnight Cowboy to grab a quick drink. It is a minimalistic café with an easy styling to make modern couples feel at home.

3. Take Her Hiking At The West Bouldin Creek

Take Her Hiking At The West Bouldin Creek

We went for a great hike at the West Bouldin Creek and made a day out of it by sitting with our feet dipped in water after a short hike. It is a perfect hiking trail for afternoons. If your girlfriend loves walking through the wilderness, this is a great date idea which will make her remember the day. The shallow water bodies make this hike all the more interesting and exciting. You can also for dog watching at the Red Bud Isle Park which also has many shallow water bodies to relax your feet. Austin also has many other hiking trails you can take depending on your time and preference.

2. Swim In Hamilton Pool Reserve

Swim In Hamilton Pool Reserve

This is one of the most romantic spots and is a must-visit when you visit Austin. It is little away from Austin but it takes only a short ride to get there. The bright emerald green waters of the Hamilton Pool reserve are perfect for taking a dip in when the temperatures of the city rise and you need to get away from the hustle and bustle. The beautiful colors of nature and the quaint surroundings will make you want to spend the whole day here. You can also visit the Hippie Hallow Park if you enjoy a swim with other tourists but it is a bit crowded so we avoided it as we wanted to enjoy some alone time together.

1. Visit Lala’s Bar For Some Good Food And Dancing

Lala’s Bar For Some Good Food And Dancing

This Christmas-themed bar is perfect for enjoying a great night out with some amazing food and music. This bar is great for some dancing too and you can grab some really amazing drinks. The traditional ambiance of the place will make you get all festive vibes. If you want to grab a great pizza slice, you can go to the Little Deli and Pizzeria at Woodward Ave to taste some really wonderful NYC style pizza slices. You will never be disappointed with the food scene that this city offers and we sampled some great food and drinks on our trip.

So these were the five experiences you definitely need to have with your girlfriend when you visit Austin in Texas as these places are quite romantic and are not overcrowded with tourists so you can enjoy a quiet time together as a couple. Some of these places are not even well known among the tourists so you can have some privacy. One of the great things about this city is that it offers something for everybody whether you love adventure or hiking or quiet romantic dates. There are many others things also you can choose to do but these five places are a must-visit if you want to sweep your girlfriend off her feet during your vacation!

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