Why Dating In Austin is Thrilling – 10 Reasons!

While you might think that how can one city offer a different dating experience than the other cities, Austin is a great city to date in. Why you ask? It is because dating culture of Austin is very different from other cities of the world and I had so much fun dating here. I met my girlfriend during a music festival and things kicked off from there. If you are finding reasons to why dating in Austin is thrilling, here are a few reasons why:

10 Reasons Why Dating In Austin is Thrilling!

10. Many relationships are born out of festivals.

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It is always a chance that you meet your next date at a music festival or at Whole Foods eating a salad. A drink together will turn into a whole date and before you know it, you will be spending the night at your date’s house.

9. Everyone you date is inclined towards some or the other form of music.

Every one of your dates is involved with music in some form or the other. He or she might be in a local band or someone who organizes festivals but either way you have to hear a lot of music whether you like it or not.

8. Your pets decide who you date.

You have probably met your date while walking your pet in the park and have solely taken the decision to date that person based on how your dog liked him or her. With pet-friendly cafes and restaurants, you can actually have a double date in this city with you two and your pets.

7. You can go on pretty affordable as well as expensive dates.

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You do not have to shell out hundreds of dollars to impress your date when you are dating in Austin. Me and my girlfriend went to a popular food truck near my place and had a hearty meal for two in a few dollars only. If you do want to take her out on an expensive date though, there are many restaurants where you can have an intimate dinner.

6. You can catch a movie having a nice dinner.

Go to Alamo Drafthouse for enjoying a classic movie while eating some delicious dinner with beer draft. This is one of the unique experiences that Austin is famous for and the Alamo Drafthouse is a very popular place among tourists as well.

5. The city offers many romantic walkways.

You can walk alongside the river at San Antonio holding hands or hike to Mount Bonnel for watching the sunset with your date. With so many romantic and secluded walking trails to choose from, the city does spoil the couples in terms of choices. You can even take a swan peddle boat tour to enjoy a romantic boat ride together.

4. You will be having half-naked dates and hanging out in swimsuits.

Since the city has such warm weather all year round, you would probably end up with your date in a pool reserve wearing your swimsuits to cool off in the heat. Half-naked dates are pretty common in this city and nobody will stare at you when you are flirting with your date in the pool.

3. You must have already dated that person or his friend earlier.

Since everybody in the city is on some or the other dating app, it is very likely that you might have been matched with the same person earlier or might have dated one of his or her close acquaintances. This makes the whole dating experience all the more exciting and thrilling.

2. It is a very real possibility that you would be dating a startup founder.

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The city is a hotbed for start-ups and every other guy is involved in some sort of start-up. You would probably end up showing interest in a mediocre start-up idea as your date might be more interest in getting funding for his idea rather than the actual date. Some of the eligible bachelors might even be founders of successful start-ups.

1. You might break up over BBQ choices.

It is very likely that you and your date do not have the same choices when it comes to your favourite BBQ places and this can definitely lead to a breakup since Texans are quite passionate about their BBQ choices. You can also be fighting over which side of the city is your favourite among North Austin and South Austin.

These are ten reasons why dating in Austin is thrilling and it is always a pleasure to get to know the city with your date. These reasons are why people from this city have many wonderful dating experiences and love hanging out with their partners at cafes or lounges. This city is magical and its romantic vibe rubs off on you also.

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