Why You Should Consider Living in Austin – 8 Reasons

With its low cost of living and a high employment rate, Austin is one of the fastest growing cities of the USA and the world. The capital of Texas, Austin is the world’s music capital but that’s not all that it has to offer. We moved to this city a couple of years ago and can now safely say that the city is a beautiful combination of beauty and diversity. Here are eight reasons from spokefly why you should consider living in Austin:

8 Reasons Why You Should Move to Austin!

8. The city has a warm and comfortable weather all year around.


If you are looking for a city which does not feel like a cold and dry unliveable place in winters, Austin is the one city you should consider settling in. The city gets 264 days of sunshine and around 3 days of snow so you can enjoy the snow without getting frustrated with it. It can get a little hot in summers but you can lounge in the multiple pools and lakes the city has.

7. It boasts of a great food and music scene with food trucks all around.

austin food and music

It is not called the world’s music capital for nothing. With live bands to world-class music festivals, the city is a paradise for music lovers. It offers one of the best nightlife you can find in the USA and does not disappoint people who enjoy some good food with great music. You can experience everything from great food trucks to fine dining along with unique breweries and wineries to complement your food.

6. It is America’s one of the most bike-friendly and fittest cities.


The greenery and the fitness enthusiasm of the city will definitely rub off on you as you settle in one of the fittest cities of the USA. It is the most energy-efficient city also and has some great biking trails you can unwind on. With more than 30 swimming locations, it offers something for the water babies like us too.

We’ve also published the list of Top 10 Countries with Most Bicycles per Capita.

5. It offers some great education and employment opportunities.

employement in austin

With the University of Texas and some of the best schools in the country, Austin boasts of a great education scene and gives enough opportunities in every single field you want to pursue your career in. It is also a start-up hub and has been rated by Forbes Magazine as one of the best cities for starting a career and a job. Women entrepreneurs also enjoy a good number of opportunities in the city.

4. The city has a diverse demographic and is one of the top retirement cities according to Forbes.

retirement in austin

The city does not have any demographic group as a majority and has a diverse ethnic and demographic identity. It is also a very safe city with a low crime rate and is perfect for raising a family as well as planning a retirement home.

3. The pet-friendly nature of the residents makes it a great city to raise your pets.

animals love in austin

The city has many no-kill shelters and dog-friendly establishments that make it easier for pet owners to live here. We have a dog and the residents are so friendly towards pets and show compassion towards them. Most bars and restaurants allow pets and there are many open kennels you can leave your pets in when heading out of the city.

2. It is a very casual city with shorts and t-shirts being the most common attire.

austin lifestyle

You can wear anything and everything in the city and no one would bat an eyelid or will give you uncomfortable glances. Most of the residents are dressed quite casually in sundresses or shorts with flip flops because of the warm temperature of the city. If you want to dress up, there are plenty of places you can go to but you will definitely find a lot of people dressed quite casually at those places also. In short, we enjoy a laidback life with no stern dressing rules here in the city.

1. You can enjoy great outdoor and indoor activities all year long.

outdoor activity in austin

From pool reserves to football matches, Austin will never make you feel out of options when you want to head out for a fun evening. The city has some great hiking trails, museums, street festivals, music performances and more that you can enjoy with your loved ones. I invite my folks over all the time and they never get bored of their options.

So these are 8 amazing reasons why I chose to move to Austin and you should too. The city is great in terms of culture, lifestyle, and affordability. The residents are quite compassionate and friendly also so you never feel away from home here. We are quite enjoying our time and I am sure you would love the city even more when you live here permanently with your family and loved ones.

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