While you might think that how can one city offer a different dating experience than the other cities, Austin is a great city to date in. Why you ask? It is because dating culture of Austin is very different from other cities of the world and I had so much fun dating here. I met my girlfriend during a music festival and things kicked off from there. If you are finding reasons to why dating in Austin is thrilling, here are a few reasons why: 10 Reasons Why Dating In Austin is Thrilling! 10. Many relationships are born out of […]

Austin can be an overwhelming city for people who want to cover all the attractions during their visit. Some couples do tend to avoid the typical tourist attractions and want to do something romantic together. I went there with my girlfriend and ditched the usual tourist attractions to get some unique and romantic experiences offered by the city. Since the city has so many things to choose from, we have narrowed these down to the 5 best places to hangout with your girlfriend in Austin so that you do not miss out on these wonderful experiences together. Have you visited […]

I visited Austin, Texas a few months ago and realized that this city offers so much more than just the regular tourist attractions. The city is known for its culture and music along with its nightlife. It is known as the music capital of the world and music lovers like me would surely enjoy their stay. I made it a point to visit and get engaged in some fun activities that Austin has to offer and here are some of my favorite fun things to do in Austin: Top 7 Fun Things to do in Austin This Weekend 7. Visit […]

With its low cost of living and a high employment rate, Austin is one of the fastest growing cities of the USA and the world. The capital of Texas, Austin is the world’s music capital but that’s not all that it has to offer. We moved to this city a couple of years ago and can now safely say that the city is a beautiful combination of beauty and diversity. Here are eight reasons from spokefly why you should consider living in Austin: 8 Reasons Why You Should Move to Austin! 8. The city has a warm and comfortable weather […]

There are more than a billion bicycles in the world, twice as many as automobiles. In recent years bike production had climbed to over 100 million per year (compared to 50 million cars). Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and since when have been and are employed for many uses: recreation, work, military, show, sport etc. For example in the USA, people use bikes for slimming and better feeling because cycling burns 600 calories an hour, but in China or other countries people use bikes mostly for transportation needs. For these reasons in some countries bikes are especially popular. […]